Uwe Herzog

Uwe Herzog

Eurescom, 5G-DRIVE


SESSION 5 / TUESDAY 18TH JUNE, 14:00 > 15:45

Results and achievements from Cross Regional 5G projects


Uwe has more than 25 years of professional experience in industry research.

He joined Eurescom, the leading organisation for managing collaborative R&D in telecommunications, more than 15 years ago as programme manager, focusing on the areas of service platforms and mobile communication networks. In these areas he has managed a large number of studies and projects on topics which are of concern to the Eurescom member community of European telecom network operators.

He has served as coordinator or project manager of several RTD projects under the European framework programmes. Uwe has also got experience in business and economic aspects from his MBA, from participating to innovation / spin-off activities at Deutsche Telekom and from serving as evaluator in the H2020 SME instrument focusing on Open Disruptive Innovation.

He is member of the editorial board of the Eurescom mess@ge magazine and has authored several articles for the magazine and other publications.