Du Yeqing

Du Yeqing

VP of 5G Product Line, Huawei


Q&A / MONDAY 17TH JUNE, 18:00 > 18:30


What is Needed for 5G Commercial Success

SESSION 3 / TUESDAY 18th JUNE, 08:30 > 10:30

5G for Business - Vertical Market Agroindustry

SESSION 5 / TUESDAY 18th JUNE, 16:15 > 18:00

Results and achievements from Cross Regional 5G projects


Du Yeqing, joined in Huawei in 1999. 20 years experience of ICT industry include mobile solution  pre-research, product development, marketing, etc. Abundant experience of Telco business transformation consulting.  From 2017, he was appointed as VP of 5G product line, and charged for 5G strategy and business development.