European Broadcasting Union (EBU)


SESSION 3 / TUESDAY 18TH JUNE, 08:30 > 10:30


5G from the Verticals perspective
Sector driven 5G Service demands


Darko Ratkaj is a senior project manager at the EBU's Technology & Innovation department in the field of audiovisual media technologies. He facilitates technical collaboration amongst EBU Member organisations and with external stakeholders, including the industry, the R&D community and academia, standards developing organisations, regulators and policy makers.

He currently coordinates the EBU activities related to 5G aiming to ensure that the new technology can meet the future technical and operational requirements of public service media organisations and the needs of their audiences.

He is involved in the Horizon 2020 research projects as well as in 3GPP and DVB standardisation, and the work in the ITU and CEPT.

Prior to joining the EBU in 2008 he gained more than 15 years of experience in radio spectrum management and regulation at national, European, and the international level.